Monday, August 15, 2016

Social Media, Here I come!

Last week, I was gifted with a smart phone of my very own for the first time in my life. Until now, I've been using Hubby's phone for any on-the-go searches or social media usage. I had Snap Chat, Facebook, and Instagram in the past, and gradually deleted all of my accounts for various reasons. Now that I have my own smart phone to use, and I'm really working on promoting my jewelry business through Etsy, it's become apparent that I need to be using social media to promote my work. So I created a new Snap Chat and Instagram account, and I'll be using those to share my current inspirations, designs, and finished products. I'm hoping to build up a solid following, to help spread the word about my jewelry, and get some useful feedback about designs and trends to look out for as I make new pieces. So look me up, check out what I have to offer, and click 'Follow'! 

SnapChat: melanie.motley

Instagram: Melanie Motley

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